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Pigeon Post Kit

$ 12.00

Send some stand-out mail with our "Carrier Pigeon" service! Send the Pigeon AS IS - No Box Needed! We give you everything in the kit to send the pigeon back and forth, keeping a correspondence through the bird, just like a real carrier pigeon. Not available to our International Members (sorry!)

Full Kit Includes

  • 1 Pigeon (plastic, not real folks!)
  • 3 Pigeon Post message forms
  • 3 mailing label pouches
  • Instructions on how to mail
  • Postage for one mailing

Wondering how it actually gets there? Check out our Pigeon FAQ.

Refill Kit Includes

  • 6 Pigeon Post message forms
  • 6 mailing label pouches
  • Instructions on how to mail

How does it work?
Place your message in the supplied pouch, affix the pouch to the back of the pigeon, put the stamps on it, and pop it in the blue mail box on your corner! The bird will arrive at its destination to the delight and awe the recipient. It is best if it is mailed at the blue mailbox to avoid possible mail rejection

We cannot account for jerk post offices. The pigeon fits all postal regulations and is technically legal to mail. That being said, out of the 7 years we have been selling this kit, we've only had two people tell us their specific post office refused the shipment of the pigeon. By purchasing this kit, you acknowledge that your post office may lack a sense of humor and that they may not let you mail the pigeon from their location.

Safety Note
These pigeons are for novelty use only and are not intended for children or for use as a toy.

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