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Privacy Policy

The L.W.A. values your privacy and therefore we absolutely will not sell, rent, or trade your information with other companies.

Opt-in Only

At the L.W.A. we are very protective of all our member's information and only have projects that are opt-in; so you have to choose to participate. We don't want to assume anything on the part of our members. This is why the pen pal swap, letter socials, etc, are all items that you have to choose to be a part of.

Our Communication Style

We will not send you unsolicited mail (both analog or digital). Our rule of thumb is that we will not contact you unless you initiate communication with us via email or letter. We will contact you if there is an issue with your order or if you purchase a custom item that needs your approval, as we see an open order as a conversation that has begun. We set these communication guidelines to make sure we only communicate with out members when we are welcomed to do so.

We understand that our members trust us with their information and we hold that responsibility seriously.


In other words, we will not do anything evil with any of your information.