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Membership F.A.Q.s

How long does membership last? Is there an annual fee to stay a member?
Your membership is LIFETIME. Letter Writers Alliance membership is just a one-time entrance payment and that is all. Once you are in, you are in!

What name goes on my member card?
The member card comes blank except for your member number. This way you can write whatever fake name or silly title you wish or give the membership as a gift.

When can I login?
All the login info comes in your member welcome packet, which is mailed to you. The membership is sent via First Class mail and normally arrives within 3-5 days for U.S. members. The password is on the back of your card (opposite side of your membership number). You don't need your member number to login, but you do need it for postal projects, so hold on to it!

Do you accept members outside of the U.S.?
Absolutely! Our community is worldwide and we use virtual letter socials, live video, and online classes to unite us all in real time.

What happens if I lose my card?
We do not keep a record of your member number or your address in order to maintain your privacy. You can get a replacement card for $1, but if you don't remember your member number, we will reassign you a new number. There is no need to re-order a full membership kit if you lose your member card. You don't stop being a member if you lose your card; the membership is lifetime.

Pro-tip: Take a picture of your member card with your phone and you will always have a file of it.

But why don't you have a huge L.W.A. member register?
We don't want access to that kind of information. Your privacy is extremely important to us and we never want to be responsible for your information getting away from us. We also want you to be in control of your personal information and how much you participate in the Alliance, which is why all of our optional activities are on an opt-in basis.

How do I get pen pals? Is it automatic?
You have to sign-up for the pen pal swap in order to get pals. You will be able to view the pen pal application once you log into the member site. We understand that not everyone wants any/more pen pals, so we don't automatically match you with people.

I don't want any pen pals, I just want to be a member. Can I do that?
No problem! The pen pal swap is optional, not mandatory. It is something you need to sign-up for in order to get matched. If you change your mind later down the road, you can sign-up any time you wish, even if it is years after you first became a member.